At Vosh • Arch, we offer full architectural services that can be tailored to the needs of our clients and their projects.  From feasibility studies and conceptual design to contract documentation and contract administration, we strive to provide our clients with great value through a thoughtful and holistic approach to design that's founded on meaningful collaboration and creative synergies. In addition to full architectural services, we are also able to provide interior design and 3-D modeling services.


Vosh • Arch is a full-service architectural practice.  From pre-design through to occupancy,
all of our team members work in a seamless and collaborative manner to deliver projects that combine creativity and passion with intelligent design.


Interior Design is not just about the aesthetic qualities of a room.  It's about
experiencing the spaces around us the functionality of an office, the energy of a concert hall, the coziness of a bookstore.  From colour swatches to space planning, we can transform your interior space into a world of its own.


A feasibility study allows clients to assess whether a project is viable, explore
design options, or identify which parts of their project might require a rethink.  At Vosh • Arch, we know that behind every great project is a great idea, so let's start there:
What have you been dreaming of building?


Using the latest 3-D design software, Vosh • Arch can create a "living" model of your building's interior and exterior that can be manipulated and viewed from any angle.  We can also produce high-quality renders of your project for presentation and marketing purposes.